Sketches from the '45 brought to life!

Here's something different: a video recreating the famous Penicuik sketches made during the Jacobite Rising of 1745, with re-enactors in costume. Seeing real people posing in similar costumes and carrying the weapons of the period makes it much easier to visualize what they would have looked like. I would definitely recommend this video to anyone with an interest in the Jacobite soldiers' weapons or clothing. (Thanks to Lori on TheLitForum for the link!)

Please note, if you watch the video from the beginning, you may want to skip the first few minutes, where he talks about buying a tiny bit of land in Scotland so you can call yourself a "laird". The actual discussion of the Penicuik sketches starts at about 3:39 into the video.

For more information about the Penicuik drawings, see my blog post about them here.

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