Diana's knee surgery

For those of you who haven't already heard about this....Diana Gabaldon is having knee replacement surgery on her right knee on Thursday, June 17.

There is a thread here on Compuserve if you want to send her good luck or get-well wishes. She says she expects to be in the hospital only a couple of days, if everything goes well.

If you are curious about exactly what this surgery will involve, look here for a link to the, um, "installation instructions". <g>

If you don't want to post on Compuserve, feel free to leave a comment here. (Please note, all comments on my blog are now moderated, so there may be a slight delay in posting them. Look here for some suggestions of things that you can try if you are having trouble commenting.)

Wishing Diana the best of luck with the surgery, and let's all hope that she makes a quick and complete recovery!


Frances Stinnett said...

Good luck and speedy recovery, Diana! My dad had both knees replaced at 80 yrs. old and he did well. Be serious with the exercises and all should be well. His served him well till his death at 98, so he got his money's worth out of them for sure. FranS

Anonymous said...

Frozen bags of peas work the best for the necessary ice packs. Speedy recovery!

Denise Bruce of Ingleside said...

Praying for a quick recovery from me too! Take your time getting better too :)

Anonymous said...

Be well and fast recovery... love your books..

Anonymous said...

THinking of you and hoping that all goes well. My mother had a knee replacement a few years ago and gets around easily on her new knee. She's sorry she waited so long. She was 86 when she had the surgery and did great. There were quite a few young people (our age) who had the surgery in her therapy group and the recovery seemed pretty fast.

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