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For those of you who don't normally follow the discussions on Compuserve, I wanted to mention that an OUTLANDER fan -- and very talented artist! -- named Silvia has been posting some wonderful drawings on Compuserve recently, featuring various characters and scenes from Diana Gabaldon's books.

Speaking as someone who can't draw at all -- I like to joke that my artistic ability peaked in the first grade <g> -- I'm just in awe of what Silvia has been able to do.  She really makes Diana's characters come alive.  I hope you enjoy her work as much as I have.

With Silvia's permission, I've included a couple of her more recent drawings here, so you can get an idea of why those of us on Compuserve have been enjoying them so much.

Here's Brianna:


Diana's reaction to the drawing of Percy:
Amazing!  It's not only an excellent drawing, it actually _is_ very close to what Percy looks like!
In addition to these portraits, Silvia has also posted a number of more <cough> explicit drawings in the Erotic Writing folder on Compuserve.  Some of them are drawings of sex scenes between Jamie and Claire (or others), and some of them are just "intimate moments" (the octopus picture, for example, is hilarious, and has to be seen to be believed <g>) -- but they're all considered too risque to post in the public folders on Compuserve.

I won't link to any of the more explicit pictures.  As Silvia says, they're in "pretty good taste", nothing beyond what you might see in an R-rated movie, but just to be on the safe side, I'd rather not link directly to them from here.  (In any case, a link wouldn't work for people who don't have access to the private Erotic Writing folder on Compuserve.)  And I would ask the rest of you not to post them on other sites, either.

If you want to see the more explicit drawings, please follow these instructions:

1) If you're not already a Compuserve forum member, the first thing you need to do is sign up for an account so that you can post on Compuserve.  (It's free.)  Look here for more information about logging in to Compuserve for the first time.  It's easier if you use Firefox or Internet Explorer as your web browser, and make sure all cookies are enabled, including third-party cookies.  If you have any trouble logging in to the forum, leave me a comment here or email me at and I'll try to help.

2) Once you log in, you will need to ask Margaret Campbell for access to the Erotic Writing folder, if you don't already have access.  This is a private folder, and access is limited to those who are 21 and above.
  • Post a message here (in the thread titled "erotic folder--request access HERE!"), addressed to Margaret Campbell.  Be sure to state your age.
  • Please don't create a new thread (discussion) when requesting access to the Erotic Folder.  That just creates more work for me as Section Leader, because I have to merge it into the existing request thread.  Simply go to the message you want to reply to (choose any message in this thread that was posted by Margaret Campbell), and click the Reply button below that message.
  • When Margaret responds that you have been given access (and it may take a few hours for her to get back to you), log out of the forum and back in, and you should see the Erotic Writing folder in the list of folders in the sidebar on the left.
3) When you click on the Erotic Writing folder, look for the thread (discussion) titled "Outlander: Unexpurgated Edition".  (There may be more threads added later, but this is the main one.)

If you want to address a comment to Silvia about her pictures, look for posts by "Bluesquint", which is Silvia's forum nickname.  And of course, feel free to join in any of the discussions on Compuserve, whether OUTLANDER-related or not.  If you're new to the forum, I would highly recommend reading through the Forum User's Manual.

Many thanks to Silvia for sharing her remarkable talent and love for Diana Gabaldon's books and characters with the rest of us.  I hope she keeps drawing these pictures for a long time to come!

UPDATE 4/12/2011 7:12 am:  Silvia has posted a new drawing of Jamie here.  I like this one very much.  If you want to tell her what you think about it, there's a thread on Compuserve here.

UPDATE 4/16/2011 6:22 am: Silvia has posted a new drawing of Claire.  As I told her on Compuserve, "This version of Claire is just amazing.  She's beautiful, and very, very close to the image in my head."

UPDATE 6/3/2011 7:11 am:  Check out Silvia's drawing of Frank, here.  I love it!


Juliazun said...

Beautiful! Has Sylvia also posted her drawings of Claire & Jamie and any other characters? If so, where is the link - would LOVE to see!

Karen Henry said...


Yes, Silvia has done some excellent pictures of Jamie and Claire. Most of her pictures (the ones I like best, anyway) are in the Erotic Writing folder on Compuserve.

As I mentioned, I can't provide a direct link to those pictures because they are in a private folder on Compuserve. If you want to see them, you have to ask for permission by posting on Compuserve, as I explained in my post above.


Anonymous said...

I feel that I've seen these faces previously.....on real people.

Brianna looks Cate Blanchettish with the eyes slanted. These eyes should've been a tiny bit larger for the size of the face. Even the ears are the size of and placed on the head like Blanchett's own. Look at the brows. See this photo of Cate at

I haven't placed the male face yet, but I'm sure it will come to me in time.

Has the artist shared the IDs of the real people who inspired her?


Karen Henry said...


If you want to know what inspired Silvia or who she used as a model, you can post on Compuserve and ask her yourself. I'm not going to ask her that question.


The Lit Bitch said...

Hi Karen,

I love these drawings!! Silvia did a great job, especially with Brianna!! That's very close to how I envision her, I was actually speechless for a moment LOL :). I wish I had her talent!! Like you my artistic portrait drawing peaked with stick people LOL :)

On this thought about how one sees character it reminds me.....normally I don't read characters and think 'hummmm so and so would be a great actor/actress as this person' but as I was reading the first Outlander book I thought Mark Strong would be the PERFECT Dougal....I don't know why I just can totally see him as Dougal :).

Anyway, I tried to get on the Compuserve discussion page and create a screen name but it said the system was down. I will try again tonight, the discussion board sounds like lots of fun :) well until next time m'dear! Cheers!!!

Karen Henry said...

Hi TheLitBitch (I'm not really sure what I should call you here?), good to see you commenting here on my blog!

I hope you'll try again to get on Compuserve. The site isn't down, so I'm not sure why you can't get in. Make sure you have all cookies enabled including third party cookies. What web browser are you using? If you're using Safari, try Firefox instead, it works much better.

Hope to see you on the forum soon.


Karen Henry said...

Oh, and you're not alone, the Endless Movie Casting Discussion is one of those topics that never seems to go away. We have a thread on Compuserve called "If Hollywood had its way" that contains a lot of suggestions for actors to play the characters.


Unknown said...

Hi Karen! I was here to see the kilt post but loved the drawings! I tried to find where to sign in, but there's only the option of log in, but it's with an AOL account. This is the only way? I have to create one?

Karen Henry said...


Yes, you need to create an AOL user id if you don't already have one. It's free.


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