Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Two French fans review OUTLANDER Seasons 1 & 2

Here's a wonderful video featuring two male fans from France, explaining in detail what OUTLANDER is all about, and sharing their reactions to Seasons 1 and 2 of the TV series.

Thanks very much to OutlanderFrance for providing the English subtitles, so that those of us who don't speak French can follow along.  It's very clear that these two guys Get It, that they understand the characters very well, and that makes this video a real pleasure to watch.

It's about 40 minutes long, but well worth watching! (Please note, if you can't get the subtitles to work, try a different web browser, like Firefox or Chrome.)


♥Susanlynn said...

Merci, Karen. I loved hearing their review . It is nice to hear guys expressing their appreciation for the Outlander saga.

threadbender said...

Wow Karen!!! Excellent interview! Thanks so much for posting!!!

judy murad said...

Karen, Wherever did you find these 2? That are fabulous and I hope they do more reviews. Hope you are doing well with waiting for September 10th. Judy Murad

barbara wismer said...

That was so great - I love their enthusiasm! Yes, do they do more reviews/commentaries? If you hear of it, please post. And thank you for all that you do.