Updates to Diana Gabaldon web site

You may have noticed that Diana's official web site is now getting regular updates again, after a long period where it wasn't being updated at all.

Go to www.dianagabaldon.com to see the latest, including the update dated 28 September, which is a very long and detailed explanation of all the steps in the production process from the point when she finishes writing the book to the day it actually arrives in the bookstores.

There are also two new ECHO excerpts posted there today (though I didn't peek, and would very much appreciate it if you don't discuss the contents of those excerpts here).


Merrymags said...


Thanks for the heads-up on the latest posting over at DG's website. Poor Rosana! I emailed her a couple times and she was really suffering from her dad's passing.

I wonder how long it took Diana to write that bit about the process of getting (one of) her books published -- how much was spontaneous, borne of frustration/humor, and how much was edited and reworked? She really has a wicked intellect!

Oh, and there was a new word -- emend -- in that post. I had never seen it before.


Antigonos said...

Karen, the excerpts are the same ones she's been posting on the Compuserve forum...

a.k.a. Sarah in Jerusalem

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