What Jamie Fraser looks like

Yesterday on her blog, Diana Gabaldon posted this approximation of what the Jamie of her imagination looks like.

This is a Photoshopped image of model Gabriel Aubry, whom I had never heard of before yesterday. (Apparently he's Halle Berry's boyfriend, or so I gather....)

I think he looks terrific, very much like the Jamie in my mental picture. I am delighted to see that his red hair is so close to my own hair color.

So, what do you think?


Unknown said...

TOTALLY cute. Now can someone show me what a "gentleman's queue" is supposed to look like?

Diane M. said...


I believe that a queue, as it relates to hair, is either a pony tail (pulled together at the point the hairline ends on the back of the neck and set close against the neck) or a plait (braid). I am also under the impression that this is where the definition of queue as a line (the British queue up to buy theater tickets, for example) because a long line resembles a tail.

I can't for the life of me figure out how to insert a link in here, but if you run a search on Thomas Jefferson in Google Images, the 2nd page of results has a good profile depiction on a coin that shows his queue.

In any case, about Jamie...or Aubry as Jamie...he's not _cute_! He's stunning. [g]

Karen Henry said...

Here's a picture of one of the Colonial Williamsburg re-enactors with his hair in a queue:

Gentleman's queue

Anonymous said...

Hi Karen,
About a year ago, I emailed a photo of Gabriel Aubry to my sister and proclaimed that he might just be the best looking man, ever. My sister was well impressed.
So... to then have Mr. Aubry be likened to Jamie, by the author...! Well, I have a sketchy picture of Jamie in my head. It's not quite as "pretty-boy/model" as Mr. Aubry. But there are elements in Mr. Aubry that can work as Jamie for me. Though I don't quite find him tall and lanky enough.
While Jason Flemyng isn't Jamie for me, there is ONE picture of him that is the most Jamie-looking representation that I've ever seen. I'll stick the link to it at the bottom of the note. Also, Jason Flemyng has more of the body type I picture for Jamie. Karen I'd be really curious as to what you think of it.


link: http://www.geocities.com/sand523/ It's the picture where he appears to be sitting at a window but with his eyes looking back up at the camera.

Karen Henry said...

Hi mommio:

That's pretty amazing! <g> I had never even heard of Gabriel Aubry until Diana mentioned him in her blog.

Good to see you over here, btw. I hope you enjoy the blog!


rebeculus said...

I know I'm late in the discussion, but just discovered these books a few months ago. Anyway, while I think Gabriel Aubry is cute, he isn't how I picture Jamie. Plus, for that photoshopped version to work, you'd have to change the skin tone I think. Gabriel has an olive tint in his skin and Jamie's would probably be... paler, or if he had a tan, ummm, more of a light brown than olive. The wrong skin tone makes that picture look silly to me.

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