OUTLANDER-themed jewelry

Some of you may be familiar with the Author's Attic site where you can buy your very own Claire's ring, Brianna's bracelet, and many other pieces of OUTLANDER-themed jewelry.

Michelle Moore (aka M&M), who came up with the designs for those items, announced yesterday on LOL that a running stag brooch (similar to the one on the cover of FIERY CROSS) is now available for purchase.

Isn't it gorgeous?

If you'd like to see this and the other items available for sale through The Author's Attic, here is a wonderful little video, complete with Scottish scenery and Celtic background music:

DISCLAIMER: Please note, I have absolutely no connection to the site selling these items! I'm just doing what I can to help spread the word to other OUTLANDER fans out there. If you have questions about the jewelry, please send an email to theauthorsattic@gmail.com, or leave a comment for Michelle on the LOL page I linked to above.

UPDATE 2/25/09 1:15 pm: Here is what Diana had to say on Compuserve today regarding this announcement:

Thanks for letting folk know. I ought probably to add my own disclaimer here--in that I have nothing whatever to do with this (or any other OUTLANDER-themed) enterprise. I gave Michelle permission (with the additional permission of the original designer) to use the design for Claire's ring and the running-stag brooch (to which I own the copyright), but I have no control over her company nor do I have any kind of financial interest in it.

I'm pleased that people seem to like the jewelry and admire Michelle's good running of her company, but I don't have anything at all to do with it personally.

Just FYI <g>.

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Anonymous said...

I just discovered this OUTLANDER bracelet, I hope this isn't the artist's only one. I'm dying to get this for my sister for Christmas. Its unique and unusual and I love the story behind it's creation. Check it out: http://www.etsy.com/listing/58022283/new-celtic-rune-solid-sterling-silver

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