ECHO: Reactions

Feel free to post your comments, reactions, and questions about the book in general here.


If you haven't yet finished ALL of AN ECHO IN THE BONE, you may want to read the comments here with caution, because you will encounter spoilers.


Cristina H said...

Just got as far as reading the acknowledgements & there you are! Awesome! (You must be thrilled, I would be!)

Karen Henry said...


Yes, I am DELIGHTED to be mentioned in the Acks! And with an Official Title, no less! :-)

"Czarina of Traffic", indeed. I still can't keep from giggling EVERY time I see or think about it.


Linda said...

An Ack from "Herself", I would be beyond delighted, I think I would have an apolexy!! Good job on your blog and congratulations!

Liz said...

I just finished Echo at 1am this morning. I LOVED it. I can't wait another three years to find out what Jamie is going to do!!!

sc32742 said...

I haven't finished the book yet but from what some others have posted (spoilers) I don't think I WANT to finish...will I be disappointed? I hope not! I don't mind a good cliffhanger if it moves the story along...

Anonymous said...

The one thing I found missing in this book that was in all of the others, was the intimacy between Jamie and Claire; and I don't mean just the sex! I felt "disconnected" somehow from their relationship because of that. But I am so glad that Rollo was not killed! I was also happy that Ian found Rachel.

Belinda said...

i just finished the book.... talk about cliff-hangers. I couldnt believe it when i finished.... i dont think i can wait 3 years to find out what has happened to everyone!!!

Anonymous said...

I was posting on DG blog and she deleated my posts along w/others that didn't think that Echo had the same "feeling" as the previous books had. I guess she doesn't want to hear what the paying readers have to say.
This is a SERIES not separate books and if you write a certain way for 6 books, how does it work if you change it up for the 7th? IT DOESN'T.
I want to make this clear-I LOVE the first 6 books, have read them all 5 times each. Even the 5th times, I could not put them down. Echo-I don't even know if I can finish it!

Anonymous said...

I should clarify-What SOME paying readers have to say.

Anonymous said...

Although it is true that there was a lot going on in this book I was wondering what people thought about the following:
1. Why didn't Roger and Brianna ask Jem about what he and Jamie found in the cave?
2. What is the connection between Jem and Mandy - are they pychic?
3. The letter from Frank Randall to Brianna about her son that she did not finish.
4. That Jem is in the mine on the train and Roger thinks he went back in time.
5. That Buccleigh was in the present and his timeline said he would be dead at 38.
6. That Ian is dead (the father).
7. That there are so many loose ends to this many books can she possibly write?
8. It seems that if only Jamie could time travel, they would be much better off in 1980 then in 1777.
9. Why do so many bad things happen to Jamie and Claire?

Anonymous said...

Who is the Unnamed French female Jamie lusted after in Fance. he mentioned that she is one of the reasons he decides to marry Clair. (this whole scene happens when Jamie thinks of her for the first time on the ship back to America with Jenny) He seems to have met this Unnamed French Women before he was hit in the head with an ax. From what I gather from his thoughts his lust caused her to die. I know that there was one women in France that he dueled for but she was still alive when he came back to France with Clair the first time. So confused!

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