What are your plans?

We've made it to the final week. Only six more days before ECHO's release!

What are the rest of you doing to pass the time in these last few days?

Do you have any special plans for the release day? Anybody planning to stake out their local bookstore on Tuesday, to get a copy of ECHO the moment it's available? Are you taking time off from work to read the book?

For those of you who've been through this before with Diana's other books, do you do anything special when you get your hands on a new OUTLANDER book? If you have a favorite ritual, even if it's something as simple as turning off the phones in your house or curling up in your favorite chair with a glass of wine, let us know.

As for myself, I mentioned on Compuserve the other day that my job as Section Leader there comes with "benefits". In other words, YES, Diana was generous enough to send me an early copy of the book. (By e-mail. I haven't seen it yet in printed form.) And no, you WON'T pry anything out of me. <g> Sorry.

So on the release day itself, I will be able to sit back and enjoy watching others' reactions. And I am really looking forward to hearing what the rest of you think of the book!


Electra said...

Dear Karen,

In order to pass the time, I have been lurking at the forum and peeking at your blog daily to keep updated on the big event. The dialog over there has been very entertaining as well as informative. I'm getting a big kick out of all of you evil grinners.

Congratulations on your year anniversary as SL as well as the blog awards that you recently received! I personally appreciate your efforts at the forum and with this blog as they most certainly add to my enjoyment of this Outlander Obsession I myself have. It's nice to know that I am not alone.

I live in Littleton, CO which neighbors Highlands Ranch. As you know, Diana will be at The Tattered Cover bookstore on the 23rd and I feel so very, very lucky about that! I'll be at the bookstore on Tuesday, 9:00 a.m. sharp to purchase my copy of ECHO and receive my numbered place in the signing line. It will be a thrill for me to see her speak in person, I have never had an interest in a book signing before now.

I am glad for you that you had the opportunity to read ECHO and will be able to enjoy the onslaught of questions and comments having had a head sart on most of the rest of us. That just seems right to me *S*

Are you glad that you avoided all of the spoilers now that you've read the book?

Thanks Again!


Karen Henry said...


Oh, yes, I'm totally convinced now that I made the right decision in avoiding ECHO excerpts! It did lessen my enjoyment of one or two of the lengthier scenes where I'd read parts of it before.

Still, everybody's tolerance for excerpts is different, and what works for me may not work for everybody. It's a matter of personal preference more than anything else.


Lisa said...

I plan on being there when the doors open to buy it, then I am going to go back to my car and just stare at it for a really really really loooong time. And THEN in the afternoon when my littlest one is sleeping DIVE IN!

Mitzi H. said...

I've preordered a signed copy from the PPen, but that copy is for my book shelf. Sooooo, I'll be at the store to buy extra copy so I can reread it several times without worrying about coffee stains and worn out pages.

Glad to hear that you received an advanced copy of Echo...now you'll be ready for the challenges on Compuserve on Sale Day.

Hmmm, I know you don't read excerpts....I have never read them before either, except for Echo....And now I'm curious if they will change the way I'm impacted by the story??? I guess I'll just have to (wait and see) if they do.

I had planned to hide away and read the book on release day....but life sometimes throws you a curve ball and your plans get changed.

My daughter and family moved home last weekend...so my hubby and I went from empty nesters to a full house. Finding reading time this last week has been nearly impossible (especially when I'm used to reading at least 10+ books a month or more). I'm just hoping that by next week things will have settled down a bit and I can sneak away to enjoy Echo.

But I must add, I'm enjoying my granddaughter immensely!!! She's only 20 months old and a handful....but a real joy.

If all else fails, I have the audio of Echo on preorder. I'll be able to listen at night and early morning without being interrupted....At least that is my backup plan for now.

May not get much sleep though???? Hehehe.

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