Happy Birthday Claire!

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday, Claire!

Happy Birthday to Claire Elizabeth Beauchamp Randall Fraser, who would be 91 years old today (October 20th).

I've been so busy lately that I completely lost track of what day it is, so I'm a little late in posting this, but I wouldn't want to let this day pass without comment. So, here are a few thoughts I had about Claire on the occasion of her last birthday:

What I Like About Claire

ECHO Audio CDs

My copy of the ECHO audio CDs finally arrived today! I probably won't start listening to them for a while (I'm taking a break from ECHO for a few days -- see below for details) but will load them on my iPod this week.


Many thanks to Judy Lowstuter of Celtic Journeys Tours for sending me a copy of CROSS STITCH! I'd never seen the UK version of the book before, and I have really been enjoying all the little differences (subtle and not-so-subtle) between CROSS STITCH and OUTLANDER. When I'm finished reading it, I'll post my impressions here, including some of the more obvious changes, additions, and deletions.

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Laura's Reviews said...

Interesting . . . I've always wondered about the differences between the U.K. and U.S. versions of the book. It's also interesting to think of Claire as a 91 year old woman!

I have an award for you.


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