International book covers

I found out this week that Carmen has updated her gallery of international book covers of the OUTLANDER and Lord John books. Thanks very much to Carmen for going to the trouble of collecting all of these cover pictures in one place! I think they're very interesting to look at.

You can see the collection here:

OUTLANDER series book covers

Lord John book covers

Some of these are really beautiful, and some are just bizarre. (Why do so many of the Lord John covers feature a woman? Don't any of these cover artists actually read the books? Or at least have some idea of what the book is about? <rolling eyes>)

I like the new Finnish cover for AN ECHO IN THE BONE, which Carmen says she will be adding to her gallery soon. This is clearly Bree at Lallybroch, reading one of the letters from Jamie and Claire. Very appropriate!

I think the Italian covers are pretty good. Fascinating to see the Japanese covers (the one for THE FIERY CROSS is unmistakable, even if you don't read Japanese at all). And I like the matched set of Lord John covers from the Netherlands.

What about the rest of you? Have you seen a particular international book cover design that you really like? One that you don't like at all? Which ones from Carmen's collection are your favorites? If you know of other international book covers of Diana Gabaldon's books that are not included in Carmen's collection, please post a link here and I'll pass the information on to her.


Outlander Book Club said...

Weren't these all just so cool to look through! So nice of Carmen to collect them all. I love the image of Brianna reading the letter in front of Lallybroch. It _does_ change the focus, though, from Jamie/Claire's story to Brianna/Roger, which, imo, is not the focus of the book. I wonder, as a reader coming to the books through this cover of ECHO, if they would then assume the main characters of the story are Brianna and Roger? Just a thought.

Jari Backman said...

Where did the new Finnish cover go?

I originally didn't like at all the Finnish covers. The characters didn't resemble at all my visual expectations, but after ABOSAA I started to look those as contemporary pictures. I mean for the 18th century (!) and I made almost a full 180 degree turn.

I still like the simple method with single background color and a small object in the centre. And the Caltrop in ECHO is the number one.

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