One final comment about fan-fiction

Some of you may have noticed that Diana Gabaldon's posts on the subject of fan-fiction have been deleted from her blog. Along with the hundreds and hundreds of comments on those blog entries.

No, I have no idea why. It's her blog, her decision, and she most certainly does not consult me before she does things like that! <g>

But under the circumstances, I think it's the right thing to do. Diana surely has better things to do with her time and energy (like, say, writing the early stages of Book 8 or LORD JOHN AND THE SCOTTISH PRISONER) than continue to respond to this nonsense.

If you want to continue the debate, by all means, go read George R. R. Martin's blog. He's posted some very thoughtful, well-written, and (IMHO) sensible comments on the subject.

Meanwhile, I have said all I intend to say about the whole fan-fiction controversy. I'll leave my previous blog posts up on this site as a record of some of the more interesting things that Diana had to say about it, but I agree with many of you that the subject has been beaten to death and it's time to move on to other topics. (Has it really only been a week since this all started? It seems much, much longer.)

In that spirit....I'm going to listen to the Diana Gabaldon/Frazer Hines program on BBC Radio at 6:30 ET this morning, and then I'm going back to bed. <g>

Wishing you all a calmer week ahead!

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Purgatory Carol said...


Now I understand your comments tonight. What a mess.

I'm glad I can now check out your blog on a daily basis, though! There is a positive!


Karen Henry said...


It was fun chatting with all of you last night. But you're right, after spending all of last week dealing with this fan-fiction thing on Compuserve, I'm sick of talking about it. Enough is enough already!

Do take the time to listen to that BBC radio show this week if you can. I think you'd enjoy it.

Looking forward to seeing you on Compuserve sometime soon!


Sirena said...


I really enjoyed reading George R.R. Martin's blog entry - some very well-thought out points were raised, and the interesting case examples he posed - Burroughs, lovecraft, and Marion Zimmer Bradley, were completely new to me. I also found it notable that, no matter where the subject was raised, comments quickly spiraled out of control. I hope you, DG, and the other folks involved in her online endeavors have an easier and, as you wrote, much more calm time of it moving forward! Thanks for the great recap.

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