OUTLANDER Links, Part 10: Weaponry

I find the details of 18th-century weaponry, as described in the OUTLANDER and Lord John books, oddly fascinating. Here are some examples of the different types of weapons used in the books (and this is not an exhaustive list, by any means!) Hope you find them interesting.

The parts of a musket (click on the diagram to enlarge it)

A Mohawk bow. Can't you just picture young Ian using this?

Here is an article about Scottish broadswords, including the type used in the Jacobite Rising of 1745.

Check out this video showing what the broadsword can do. No question, it's a formidable weapon!

Bullet mold and lead bullets. The above example comes from the Battle of Guilford Courthouse (1781), which is a Revolutionary War battle that took place several years after ECHO. (I think it's likely that Diana will show us that battle, at some point. Maybe in Book 8?) This bullet mold seems very similar to the sort of device Jamie was using to make bullets in ABOSAA. Remember him melting lead over the fire while talking to Major MacDonald?

An 18th century British naval cannon, of the type used on the Porpoise.

Here's an article that explains all about dirks (thanks to Jari Backman for the link!)

18th century artillery - an overview of many of the different types of artillery described in the books, and how they were used.

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