OUTLANDER Links, Part 9: Historical Events

Here are some paintings and other images showing events depicted in the OUTLANDER and Lord John books.

"Death of Brig-General Simon Fraser Ygr of Balnain (1729-1777)" by Benjamin West. (Click on the picture to see a full-size view.) Can't you just imagine Jamie kneeling by the General's bedside, with Claire nearby and William hovering somewhere in the background?

"The Idle 'Prentice Executed at Tyburn", by William Hogarth (1747). Whenever I read the part in BROTHERHOOD OF THE BLADE where Lord John encounters the mob at Tyburn, I think of this famous engraving. The amount of detail in it is just amazing. (Again, click on the picture to see what I mean.) Whether it's a representation of a real or fictional hanging at Tyburn, it certainly gives a very vivid impression of what it must have been like!

"French Fireships Attacking the English Fleet off Quebec" (painting by Dominic Serres, the Elder, 1767). This incident is portrayed in Diana Gabaldon's new Lord John story, "The Custom of the Army".

An antique postcard depicting the Citadel of Quebec and the Plains of Abraham, with a view of the famous cliff. There's a lot more about this incident in "The Custom of the Army".

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What Do These Things Look Like?

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helgor said...

Popping over from the forum. That citadel picture reminds me of the Halifax Citadel, also in Canada. Great content, Karen. Your blog is great!

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