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As of 3/25/2010, Amazon.com appears finally to have fixed the issues with the WARRIORS anthology (containing Diana Gabaldon's latest Lord John story, "The Custom of the Army").

The Kindle version of WARRIORS reappeared on Amazon's site yesterday. Click here to download it. The hardcover edition is also available on Amazon, here.

I have no connection whatever with Amazon.com. I did, however, mention the problems (and the frustration they were causing!) to Diana on Wednesday, and it appears that she may have contacted someone who could actually do something about it. So, if I helped in some small way to get the problem fixed, I'm happy about that.

Family Tree in German Edition of ECHO

Some of you may have seen the Fraser/MacKenzie family tree which was included with the German edition of AN ECHO IN THE BONE. Susanne Pilastro, a German fan who created this very detailed and beautifully illustrated family tree, was kind enough to post a photo of it on Compuserve so that those of us who do not have access to ECHO DER HOFFNUNG can enjoy it, too.


Susanne has asked that people NOT post this picture all over the Internet! Please don't upload the picture to your own site.

Comments and questions about the family tree should be directed to dante-milano@web.de (or post in the thread on Compuserve). If you are a German-speaker, you can visit Susanne's OUTLANDER blog for more information.


JaymeKnits said...

Awesome tree. I only note one discrepancy (or spoiler?). Ian and Rachel are not married or anything...yet. I guess maybe she assumed they will be but I've learned not to make too many assumptions with these books.

Leaving the Party at Midnight said...

I can only see the left hand side (no slide bar at the bottom). How can I see a larger version? Does the artist have a website?
Thank you.
Mary Boren, Roseville, CA

Anonymous said...

Henry Grey is missing ??

Karen Henry said...

@Mary - the artist's web site is here:


I don't read or understand German, though, so that's all I can tell you.


PeggyP said...

What was the problem with the Kindle download of Warriors? I pre-ordered it and read Custom of the Army, asp. I haven't read anything else in the book but I intend to, don't tell me I'm missing parts! I see the price has gone up significantly since when I bought it for $8.18.

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