March poll results

March Poll Results

Here are the results of the March poll:

What aspect of the OUTLANDER series do you like best?

  • 47.0% - Jamie and Claire's relationship
  • 15.4% - Diana's wonderful writing, her use of imagery, etc.
  • 12.5% - The relationships between all of the major characters
  • 6.6% - The immense amount of detail, which makes the books stand up very well to re-reading
  • 2.4% - Learning about 18th century history, and about the way people lived back then (food, clothing, customs, etc.)
  • 2.4% - Sex scenes
  • 2.4% - Time-travel
  • 1.8% - Intricate plots
  • 1.8% - Watching the characters change over the course of many years
  • 1.8% - All Things Scottish (including men in kilts!)
  • 5.9% - Other (this category includes "all of the above" <g>)

I definitely agree with the plurality on this one! The time-travel/historical fiction angle was what made me pick up OUTLANDER in the bookstore in the first place, but Jamie and Claire's relationship is what got me hooked.

There were 168 votes in this month's poll. Thanks to all of you who responded!

New Poll for April

Several people complained that the March poll was too difficult, so here's an easier question: Which of Diana Gabaldon's books are you currently reading or listening to?

I'm approaching the end of a "re-listen" of DRAGONFLY IN AMBER this week (bracing myself to go through the farewell scenes all over again -- I always end up in a soggy heap by the end of it) and was just curious which of Diana Gabaldon's books the rest of you are currently reading.

If you're in between books at the moment, it's perfectly OK to respond with the last one that you read/listened to. Or the one you're about to start.

Pictures from Diana's German Tour

Diana has updated her blog with pictures and a long account of her various misadventures in Germany during her recent book-tour. Check it out!

Happy Holidays!

I hope those of you celebrating Passover and Easter this week have a wonderful holiday!

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