An apology from Diana

It turns out that yesterday's blog entry from Diana was not, in fact, truly the final word from her on this fan-fiction issue. She has just posted an apology, of sorts, to those who were offended by her initial comments.
Looking over some of the comments now, though, I see that some of you were not responding to the discussion of fan-fiction as such, but were under the impression that I had called you all rapists, was making fun of people who’d been raped, etc., etc.

I’d like to apologize to anybody who thought that. I’m not sure why you _did_ think so—really, go back and look at what I said, not what someone else told you I said. There’s no mention whatever of rape or rapists, none—but if you did, then naturally you’d be hurt and offended, and I regret very much that you should have been made to feel that way.

It may be a case of "too little, too late" for some people. So be it. But if any of you care to post a link to Diana's apology on one of the many sites where people have been ranting about this all week, I'm sure she would appreciate your helping to get the word out. Thank you.

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Merrymags said...

I do not wish to appear intolerant or that I am choosing to remain in the dark about fan fiction, but I desire nothing more than to get back to our regularly scheduled programming.

ibeeeg said...

Karen - I don't frequent sites beyond yours, Diana's and George R.R. Martin's where this issue has been discussed. If I did frequent others, I would be more than happy to link up to her "P.S." post.

I hear what you are saying Merrymags. I cannot believe the drama that has gone on,and on, and on...
Interesting in one way, and pathetic in another way.
Merrymags, I noticed on your blogger profile that you are a special needs advocate. If you don't mind, I have some questions for you in regards to advocacy, you can contact me on my blog (my email is hooked up there as well). Thanks.

Sorry Karen if you think asking Merrymags the question was not correct use of your commenting section. I had no other way of asking her. Let me know if this bothers you as I will delete. Thanks.

Bizvertise said...

what happen???

Unknown said...

Do you know anything about what happened to all these fanfiction posts? They're all gone now. Has Diana said anything about what happened anywhere? Did she delete them? I'm just very confused right now.

Cathy said...

Don't care about all the drama and haven't read any of it. I just want to read and enjoy HER books.

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