Thursday Thirteen: OUTLANDER Addiction

Thursday 13 Books

Thirteen Unmistakable Signs of OUTLANDER Addiction:

1) You're constantly reading (or listening to) one of Diana Gabaldon's books.

2) You spend a lot of time online on various OUTLANDER fan-sites (including this one <g>), Compuserve, Diana's blog, her YouTube channel, or talking with friends about the books.

3) You start using phrases like "I dinna ken" and "Dinna fash yourself" in casual conversation, even when talking to people who are not fans.

4) You name your pets, or your kids, after characters in the books.

5) You buy extra copies of the books to give to friends, co-workers, and/or family members. ("Try this, you'll love it!")

6) You buy the unabridged audiobooks and load them onto an iPod or similar device so that you can listen to Jamie and Claire wherever you happen to be.

7) You pre-ordered Diana's latest book three months or more before the scheduled publication date.

8) You talk your husband or boyfriend into dressing up in a kilt, and/or calling you "Sassenach".

9) You've re-read one (or more) of Diana's books so many times that it literally fell to pieces.

10) You'll go to see any movie with a Scottish actor in it, just to hear the accent.

11) You've traveled to Scotland, or North Carolina, specifically to see the places mentioned in the books.

12) You've been to one or more of Diana's book-signings or public events.

13) When you reach the end of the series, you immediately start over at the beginning with OUTLANDER.

What about the rest of you? Got any more to add to this list? And which of these apply to you? (I personally will admit to 1, 2, 5, 6, 9, 12, and 13. <g>)


Diane in GA said...

Let's see...for me it's 1, 2, 3, 4 (Actually when I read the books I found out my kids were _already_ named for characters in the books! And the kids won't let me name the dog Jamie. I tried. :-), 5, 6, 8 (Does a kilt towel count?), 11, 12,& 13. Sheesh, I guess I am addicted! I try to focus on other things, but then my daughter has the word "herself" on her spelling list. LOL!!

sarahwithbaloo said...

Hmm OK let me think and 13. Have to admit that Culoden is a very haunting place. And yes I tried to go though the stones.

Purgatory Carol said...

Oh boy - I'm guilty of many. (I wish I were guilty of 11 and 12!) And my #1 is your #13. Just started the big Outlander reread yesterday!

Camille said...

All of the above! Completely obsessed, every time I forget a detail, I reread the entire series...Come on! I NEED to know what happens to Jem in the shed, Roger in the past again all of the goodies!

time traveler said...

Just finished the series yet again prior to my first trip to Scotland next month, so yes I'd say I'm addicted. Far and away the best books I've ever read. Love to read Diana's blog comments as well - it's like reading another book! She definitely has a way with words. Hope she's putting some together right now for the continuing saga!

Jo M said...

Here's another one: you are constantly connecting random facts and every day events to Outlander.

Here's my example: I teach Things Fall Apart to my sophomores. The novel is set in Nigeria, and the Ibo people (the tribe in the novel) believe twins are evil because one is an evil spirit. They would leave both babies in the jungle to die because they didn't want to kill the baby and raise the evil spirit. My students were quite confused and appalled, so what did I do? I explained to them that the British Isles had a similar custom; they often believed that sickly babies had been taken by fairies and replaced with fey offspring, so they would leave the fairy baby on a hill, hoping it would be replaced with their own baby. And where did I get this interesting fact? From Outlander, a la Claire picking up the fairy baby and getting herself almost burned as a witch for it!

Here's another one: you are proud to have been born in May because you share a birthday month with Jamie!

Karen Henry said...

Jo - about your first example - absolutely! I do this sort of thing all the time. Last weekend I visited the Newseum in Washington, DC. They had a model of a printing press like the one used to print the Declaration of Independence. I spent a while staring at it from all angles, imagining Jamie's printing press. <g>


Karen Henry said...

Carol - I came very close to adding "You've made bannocks from scratch from a recipe you found online" (thinking of your bannock-making adventures) but in the end I changed my mind.

Still waiting, btw. :-) Come join us anytime!


Tracey R. said...

I might add "buy tickets to a comic book convention just to get a glimpse of HERSELF" or "film oneself completely gushing over a fictional character and throw it on the internet for all to see." ;-)

And if anyone figures out how to get #8 to actually work, please let me know. Sigh...

JoyceK said...

I'm guilty of 11 out of 13. My kids were already named or maybe it would be 12. Just glad there are others out there so maybe I'm not so all alone in my obsession.

Jari Backman said...

Dear Karen,
1, 2, 6, 7, 9, 13.

I am a bit sad as I had a plan to go to a conference in Glasgow in the middle of June. Planned to rent a car to do a tour Ft William/Loch Ness/Beauly/Inverness/Edinburgh/Isle of Islay. And to get a real Fraser Kilt.

But sometimes things don't turn the way you wish.

The Isle of Islay would have been because of my love on Islay Whiskies.

Jenn M said...

How about whenever you see the names "Jaimie" and/or "Claire" outside of the Outlander books you get a little tingly?

Anonymous said...

Ooohh, guilty. I can't say I've traveled to the North Carolina sites, but living in Hillsborough and working in Alamance, I passed them several time a day. (But I did visit Scotland). But yes, I've had two of the books fall apart on me. But hey, they're worth it!

lesley said...

hi karen
-no.s 1,2,5,6,7,13
-12 is on my list of things i want to do, i only realised too late about herselfs last visit to the uk :-(
-no.4 hmmm, we,ve picked a boys name for baby due nov (don,t know whether boy/girl) and now i realise it,s a character (a minor one)from abosaa, although i liked it before i read the book.
lesley :-)

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