Whisky-making video

I saw this very interesting little video (from the History Channel) on My Outlander Purgatory and thought I'd pass it on.

The malting floor looks more or less as I imagined from reading the books. I was interested to see the peat-cutting, because I've never seen peat in real life (or on TV, for that matter) and I had no real idea of what it looks like. And anybody who has been following this blog for long knows that I am utterly fascinated by seeing pictures or video of what the things in the books look like. <g> I find that sometimes you can't understand without seeing -- or at least, I can't -- no matter how detailed and vivid the descriptions are in the books.

So, I gather that what Jamie is making on the Ridge is considered "single-malt" whisky, by the definition used in this video? (Somebody please correct me if I'm wrong.)

Thanks, Carol, for finding and posting this! (And yes, by all means, do feel free to jump into the discussions on Compuserve whenever you like.)

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Jari Backman said...

Dear Karen,

A good video, thank you. And Jamie indeed made single malt whisky. When you blend the products with other distilleries, it no longer is Single malt.

Funny that by 1960's there were no commercial single malt products as the blending became such an art. And Glenfiddich decided to try their wings with Single Malt. And that niche really became quite quickly a main driving force with the Scotch Whiskey.

A suggestion, Karen. Do buy a bottle of Lapfroaig thanks to our obsession.

And in addition of a taste of what a good peaty whisky tastes, with the bottle you will receive a gift certificate. To your own foot by foot lot of Scotland. The lot is probably somewhere in the peat fields and you will get exact coordinates for it. And you can look at it on their web site.

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