Terror Daemonium

Diana announced this week that the story she is writing about Marsali's sister Joan and young Ian's brother Michael has a title. It's called "Terror Daemonium", a phrase that apparently comes from the litany of St. Joseph. (I say "apparently", because I'm not a Catholic and I don't really know what the litany of St. Joseph is. <g>) The Latin phrase translates as "Terror of Demons", or something like that.

The excerpt, and discussion of it, is on Compuserve here. There is also an earlier discussion about this story on Compuserve, here, if you haven't already seen it.

I believe the anthology in which this story will appear is called DOWN THESE STRANGE STREETS, but that is all the information I have about it at this point. As soon as I find out more specifics, I will post them here.

Please keep in mind that I am (mostly) an excerpt-avoider. If you want to discuss the specifics of this or any other excerpt from one of Diana's unpublished books or stories, please post on Compuserve or the LOL Excerpt Board. Thanks.


Purgatory Carol said...

Karen I am so torn! I want to look. Ooooh BOY do I want to look. But I canna! (You and I are "No Spoiler Sisters"!) What's a girl to do?! I am in the throes of major (NEW) Outlander withdrawal... and here this is, tossed at me like a juicy bone to a dog. It's just not right!

Denise Bruce of Ingleside said...

Same here!! I wanna, but i don't wanna... I think i'll wait til my sis in law does *wink* I'll let her take the plunge *snort*

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