Update from Diana

Diana Gabaldon was released from the hospital late Friday afternoon, a day ahead of schedule, and she is doing well so far. But you don't have to take my word for it! Check out her latest blog entry, here.

It sounds like all the positive thoughts, prayers and get-well wishes from Diana's fans all over the world have been helping a great deal. She said on Compuserve yesterday that she's able to walk "pretty normally, just slowly", without needing even a cane for support, though she's still under the influence of some pretty strong painkillers.

I'm actually not really surprised that she got out of the hospital earlier than expected. I was having visions of Diana absconding the moment their backs were turned. <g> (Remember Jamie in OUTLANDER, climbing naked out the window before Murtagh could stop him? Or Claire in ABOSAA, going to visit Tom Christie when she'd barely recovered from the illness that nearly killed her? That sort of thing.)

I don't know if Diana has recovered enough yet to do any writing (maybe not such a good idea, writing under the influence of painkillers?), but I know she said that she's planning to stay mostly at home over the next few weeks, recuperating. The perfect excuse to STAY HOME AND WRITE, don't you think? <g>

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