July poll results

July Poll Results

Here are the results from last month's poll.

What is your favorite animal from the OUTLANDER series?

  • 63.5 % - Rollo
  • 11.6 % - Adso
  • 10.6 % - The white sow
  • 6.5 % - Clarence
  • 3.4 % - Gideon
  • 2.7 % - Donas
  • 0.7 % - Judas
  • 0.7 % - Lucas
  • 0.3 % - Other
There were 293 votes in this month's poll. I think that's a new record for this site! Thanks so much to everyone who participated.

I didn't vote in the poll, but I like Rollo, too. <g> Diana gave him a really hard time in ECHO, and I hope he lives through Book 8, considering that he's something like eleven years old at the end of ECHO. Ian will no doubt be devastated when Rollo dies, but at least he'll have Rachel there to comfort him. I like the fact that Rachel seems to love and appreciate Rollo as much as Ian does.

The August poll is all about Diana's book-tours and public appearances. Have you ever seen Diana in person? Do you have a favorite story from one of her appearances that you'd like to share with us? Please take a moment to vote in the poll. Thanks!

Pictures from "OUTLANDER: The Musical"

Check out the pictures from the July 31 performance of "OUTLANDER: The Musical" in Aberdeen, Scotland. (Thanks, Shona, for posting them so quickly!) I wish I could have been there, and I really think it's a shame that Diana wasn't able to see it in person. If I hear anything about videos from the performance being posted on YouTube, I'll let you all know.

If you have seen the performance or listened to the CD, please let us know what you thought of it! The CD officially goes on sale today, August 1. You can order a copy here.

UPDATE 8/9/2010 4:50 pm: You can see my comments on the songs on the CD here.

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Shoney said...

glad people are getting to see the pictures to see how it was!! I absolutely loved the performance and the music. After playing the CD as well its great!!!

Well done to Mike, Kevin for doing the project and allan and sue as Jamie and Claire

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