New Lord John story

Diana Gabaldon announced on Compuserve yesterday that her latest Lord John story, "Lord John and the Plague of Zombies", is finished!

When I asked about the length of this story, Diana said:
This one's about 25,000 words--close to the length of "Succubus", I think, and maybe a hair shorter than "Custom of the Army."
There is an excerpt from "Plague of Zombies" here. Feel free to post in that thread on Compuserve, if you want to tell Diana what you think. (For those of you who are wondering, yes, I did read this excerpt <g>, so it's fine if you want to discuss it here, too.)

Diana says this story takes place in 1761, by the way.

UPDATE 2/11/2011: The publication date for the DOWN THESE STRANGE STREETS anthology (in which "Plague of Zombies" will appear) has been confirmed: October, 2011. (No, I don't know the exact date. I'll post further updates as the pub date gets closer.)

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