Pictures from "OUTLANDER: The Musical"

The official web site for "OUTLANDER: The Musical" has been updated to include a gallery of photos from the recent performance in Aberdeen, Scotland.

So, have any of you heard the CD yet? (I'm still waiting for my pre-ordered copy.) If you have, are there any songs you particularly like?


Shona1985 said...

My favourite is "I am Ready" - it has a nice beat to it and I like the words that go with it.

I also like "Is Tu Fuil ‘o Mo Chuislean", its a really sweet song.

"Perhaps I am a witch" and "Why did i marry a fraser" are really good and funny lol

"Say the Words" - Well what can I say...its probably a song that considering the context we shouldnt like but its eerily good! It really does put shivers down my back when I listen to it! I they have captured the essance of that part really well and the singers themself get my full credit for bringing even more emotion to the song!

Ive been listening to it all the time when Im in the car which in the last few days has been a lot!

Hope you guys get your CD's soon!

Tracey R. said...

Still waiting for mine too--I'm guessing they were shipped Monday? So it may be another few days...

Connie said...

I'm getting mine from Amazon. Temporarily out of stock there, so will get an email telling me when it's shipped.

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