WARRIORS paperback and audio versions

I have been checking Amazon every few days to see if they had more information on which volume of the WARRIORS paperback Diana Gabaldon's Lord John story, "The Custom of the Army", will be in. (They've split the book into three volumes for the paperback edition.)

Today, for the first time, I see that WARRIORS 3 has a cover picture, listing Diana Gabaldon as one of the authors included.

So, it looks like we finally have confirmation that "Custom" will be out in mass-market (small size) paperback on August 2, 2011. You can pre-order from Amazon here.

As for the cover art....I was startled to see that it's, um, PINK. <g> (Or maybe magenta?) Which is not really Lord John's color, nor particularly warrior-like, but whatever. Much easier to carry around a mass-market paperback of 300 pages than that 700+ page hardcover, at any rate!

Also, the unabridged audio version of WARRIORS will be out on March 29, according to Amazon (in both CD and mp3 versions).

Please pass this information along to anyone else you know who might be interested. If you didn't want to pay the price of a hardcover for the whole book when it came out a year ago, maybe this is your chance to read "Custom of the Army"? It's a very enjoyable story, particularly for Lord John fans.

There's more information about "The Custom of the Army" on the FAQ page.


Tracey R. said...

Still haven't read this story...for some bizarre reason, I find it comforting to think that there's SOMETHING published of DG's out there that I haven't yet read. Go figure. I'll get to it someday...

Karen Henry said...


Oh, you should read it! There are a number of links between "Custom" and ECHO. And the opening of this story is just hilarious. Really.


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