OUTLANDER on General Hospital

I just saw this on Compuserve and thought I'd pass it on. OUTLANDER was mentioned on "General Hospital" today!

I don't watch the show myself (haven't watched the soaps since I was in high school), but apparently one of the characters gave another one a copy of Diana Gabaldon's OUTLANDER!

According to Diana D. on Compuserve, who saw the episode in question:

The book was given by a little girl to her big sister in the hospital so that she'd have something to do while she gets better.  They mentioned some other books too, [Sookie] Stackhouse and something else, but Outlander was mentioned, critiqued 'really long, but really good' AND they showed the big blue cover.
I think that's pretty neat.  I don't think I've seen OUTLANDER mentioned in a pop-culture reference like this since the Mallard Fillmore cartoon several years ago.  And who knows how many new fans will be drawn to the series as a result of hearing about it on GH today? That can only be a good thing. <g>

Diana's immediate reaction to the news was, "Rof,l! Well, I certainly appreciate the publicity! <g>"

UPDATE 3/3/2011 12:48 pm: Here's the video (thanks to Pamela P. on Compuserve for the link!) The relevant bit starts at about 13:50 into this video.

UPDATE 3/16/2011 8:10 pm: Diana commented in a little more detail about the General Hospital clip on her blog today, here.


Deniz Bevan said...

That's really neat! The only time I've ever seen it on television was when they interviewed someone on our local news a year or so ago, and the woman had a copy beside her during the interview. I think I might have mentioned it somewhere on the forum...

Nicole Leigh Inskip said...

In the compuserve thread someone mentioned "hoping the writers are not doing a fan fiction blend." it go me thinking one of the characters on GH IS going through a Jaime/rape situation. Odd for daytime TV and could possibly be being drawn a bit from DG's writing of you digg VERY deeply into it.

Karen Henry said...


I thought this was fun, but I wish they'd said a bit more about the book. "Save it for later"?! Um, no. How about, "You need to read this RIGHT NOW!" <g>


Deniz Bevan said...

Or a convalescent scene, where one characters reads aloud to another...

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