Article about Diana at Fergus Scottish Festival

Here's an article I found yesterday about Diana's appearance at the Fergus Scottish Festival in Ontario this past weekend.  A very nice piece, focused more on the fans than on Diana herself.

My favorite part is this bit:
[Diana's reading of excerpts] led to one of the more amusing moments of the day, sending one young woman running from the tent with her hands over her ears yelling “I haven’t read that one yet!"
It turns out that the young woman is the daughter of a Compuserve forum member. Small world! <g>

If any of you were at Fergus, please feel free to post here and tell us about it


Kerry said...

I was there yesterday and got my copy of Outlander signed. I didn't stay for the reading either as I'm only on the second book and didn't want to know what was coming, so I can sympathise with that young lady:D

Cari said...

I know of a couple of fans who were there, and one of them told me about some great Book 8 excerpts that I hadn't heard before. Do you know where the rest of us could read these??

Thanks! :-)

Shannon said...

I'm saving Book 7, Echo, for when Book 8 has a release date! So I too can sympathize with the gal who ran screaming from the tent!

Aside from that, every sounded wonderful and Diana looked fabulous!

Karen Henry said...

Cari - I'm an excerpt-avoider, so I don't keep track of Book 8 excerpts. Sorry. Take a look at Jari Backman's Book 8 excerpts page (here) for a list of excerpts posted so far.

Having said that, there's a discussion going on right now on Compuserve that may answer some of your questions. (Or give you more to speculate about. Or both.)

Please note, DO NOT DISCUSS BOOK 8 SPOILERS HERE! I really don't want to know yet! Thanks.

The discussion on Compuserve is here if you're interested.


Hildy said...

Oh my gosh! The woman quoted in the article who was talking about waiting in line for 5 hours was one of the women who I met in line. She must be! We both waited 5 hours together, side by side. She must have done that interview when my husband took my place for a little while.

Thanks for posting that, Karen! :)

Cari said...

Hildy, I thought of your 5 hour experience when I read that article. How funny that you were waiting together all that time!

Hildy said...

Cari, she was the outgoing one who ran up to Doug to get a picture, and I followed her lead!! I love that woman! I never would have got the picture without her. We even took pictures with each other since we hung out all day long. :) I'm sure she's the same one. There weren't that many of us who stayed all day.

Shannon said...

Nice, Hildy! I'm so glad you 'met' her and she inspired your own photo with Diana's 'real' Jamie Fraser!! (P.S. This is bleary!) :)

Anonymous said...

The article link didn’t work for me. I believe this is the same article:

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