20th Anniversary edition of DRAGONFLY?

Diana Gabaldon posted the following question on Facebook today, and I thought it was only fair to give everyone here a chance to comment, too:
Well, now here's a question: If you bought (and liked <g>) the OUTLANDER 20th Anniversary Edition, would you be interested in possibly having a similar 20th Anniversary Edition of DRAGONFLY IN AMBER? We're just beginning to think about such things, but the publisher is not sure there's enough demand for it--so I thought I'd ask the only people who know. <g>
I'm not sure what to think about this. DRAGONFLY IN AMBER is my least favorite of the OUTLANDER books (I always find the Paris section difficult to get through), and I already have a signed hardcover. Still, it would give us something to look forward to in 2012, while we wait for Diana to finish writing WRITTEN IN MY OWN HEART'S BLOOD. And I did like the look (and feel!) of the OUTLANDER 20th Anniversary Edition very much.

What about the rest of you? All opinions, pro or con, welcome!  If you want to tell Diana what you think, you can post on her Facebook page.


Lynne Sears Williams said...

Yes, I would!

Mary said...

Don't think so. The 20th Anniversary Edition of Outlander was special but another, and another, would not be so special. Now a boxed set of the entire series--whenever it ends--would be special.

Unknown said...

I would love to have a complete set of anniversary editions

Goldhaehnchen said...

Is there still a chance that there will be other Outlander anniversary editions?

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