Visit to NC Museum of History

I went to see a new permanent exhibit at the NC Museum of History in Raleigh on Sunday, called "The Story of North Carolina". It was very interesting, the sort of place where there are so many interesting things to see that you can't take it all in at once.

Here are a few of the artifacts that I saw there (from the museum's web site, because their pictures are better than mine <g>).

Tuscarora cap in the style of a Scotsman's bonnet

This was labeled as being from the early 1700's, showing how the Tuscarora Indians traded with the Scots in the area.Click here for some more pictures of it from different angles.

Branding iron in the shape of an "M" for murder

This was labeled as being from the 19th century, but it caught my attention because it looks just like the one that was used to brand Bobby Higgins for his role in the Boston Massacre. The "M" is very small, maybe the size of my thumb nail.

Photo of memorial to Regulators hanged after the battle of Alamance, 1771

I thought the engraving of the hanged man was very striking.

Silver shoe buckles belonging to Flora MacDonald, circa 1770

The accompanying description in the exhibit stated that Flora MacDonald had given these shoe buckles to a friend in North Carolina shortly before she returned to Scotland.

I will definitely go back for another look at this exhibit. Fascinating place!


Deniz Bevan said...

Thanks for sharing Karen!
I saw the similar engravings at Moore's Creek and was very affected. If DH had read the books he'd have understood why I was getting teary about a man named Roger.

Karen Henry said...

Yes - I was especially moved by this because I'd just listened to the hanging scene in FIERY CROSS the day before my visit to the museum.


Faith said...

So neat! Thank you for sharing Karen!!

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