March poll results

Here are the results of the March poll.

Who is your favorite villain in the OUTLANDER series?
  • 28.36% - Jonathan "Black Jack" Randall
  • 21.78% - Stephen Bonnet
  • 15.62% - Geillis Duncan
  • 11.51% - Dougal MacKenzie
  • 5.62% - Arch Bug
  • 5.48% - Laoghaire MacKenzie
  • 3.97% - Phillip Wylie
  • 2.88% - Malva Christie
  • 2.05% - William Buccleigh MacKenzie
  • 0.82% - Allan Christie
  • 0.55% - Rob Cameron
  • 0.27% - Harley Boble
  • 1.09% - Other
Here are the responses for "Other":
  • Jenny Murray-She made me mad how she pushed Jamie into marrying Laoghaire
  • Jenny Murray
  • Don't like villains
  • Randall, Bonnet, AND MacKenzie
  • Neil Forbes
  • Mr. Willoughby
  • They're all terrible, so I wouldn't say any are my "favorite".
  • I can't really say, that I have a favorite villiain
Thanks so much to everyone who voted! I was delighted to see that we had a record 730 votes in this poll.

I didn't vote in the poll myself, but I agree with those who chose Black Jack Randall.

The most interesting result of this poll, to me, is the number of people who voted for Dougal MacKenzie. I almost didn't put him on the list, as Dougal is not really what I would consider a villain. On the other hand, he tried to kill Jamie at least twice (once with an ax, once in the attic of Culloden House), and I really didn't care for the way he treated Claire.

Please take a moment to vote in the April poll, which is all about the books you're currently reading.


Anonymous said...

I voted for Dougal because I liked him and the wording was "your favourite (Canadian spelling) villain", and I hate BJR the most but would never vote him my favourite anything.

Anonymous said...

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