OUTLANDER Photo Contest update

[UPDATE 9/16/2012 4:30 pm: The contest is over.  Many thanks to those of you who sent in photos! To see the winners, as well as the rest of the contest photos, look here.]

Thanks very much to everyone who's sent in photos for the OUTLANDER Photo Contest! I've received 25 entries in the first two weeks, which is great, but I'm hoping that more people will participate.

The contest rules are here. If you have any questions, leave a comment here or email me at contact@outlandishobservations.com.

Contest ends Saturday, September 15, at midnight Eastern time.  Good luck!

P.S. I acknowledge each entry as it's received with a reply by email. If you sent in a photo but you did NOT get a reply back from me, please re-send it and make sure that you put "OUTLANDER Photo Contest" in the subject line, so I will know it's for the contest. Thanks.

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