Thinking of Bree and Roger

I've been thinking about Brianna and Roger today, as this week marks the 243rd anniversary of their handfasting in DRUMS OF AUTUMN, which took place on September 2, 1769.

I really, really hope they are reunited in WRITTEN IN MY OWN HEART'S BLOOD!  I don't think I could stand a prolonged separation.

(The image above is Brianna's bracelet from the Author's Attic site.)


L C said...

Me too, I'm currently listening to Drums of Autum at the moment, and waiting to see if Jamie and Claire can rescue Roger from the Kanien'kéha:ka! Very exciting!

Erika W said...

Me too! I've been re-reading The Fiery Cross and have just gotten through *Alamance* and the fire in the canebrake (sp?) etc. Poor Roger!

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