New poll about A TRAIL OF FIRE

September Poll Results

Here are the results of the September poll:

Who is your favorite animal from Diana Gabaldon's books?
  • 57.77% - Rollo
  • 15.11% - Adso
  • 8.72% - Donas
  • 8.29% - Clarence
  • 6.3% - The White Sow
  • 1.73% - Gideon
  • 0.43% - Gustav
  • 0.43% - Judas
  • 0.35% - Hiram
  • 0.09% - Lucas
  • 0.78% - Other
Here are the comments for "Other":
  • Bouton
  • Jenny's sheep
  • none of the animals!!
  • Hiram and Rollo can't just pick one
  • Jerusha
  • Rollo and Adso
  • all the above
  • Too hard to choose....
  • Can't choose - tie between Rollo and Donas
The results of this poll are not a surprise -- I had a feeling that Rollo would win by a wide margin -- but I'm delighted by the number of responses! There were 1158 votes in this month's poll, which is far more than the previous record. Thanks very much to all of you who participated!

October Poll: A TRAIL OF FIRE

I hope you'll take a moment to vote in the October poll, which is all about Diana Gabaldon's new book, A TRAIL OF FIRE, which is due out later this month in the UK, Australia, and New Zealand.  For more about A TRAIL OF FIRE, look here.

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Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say I love your blog! I especially enjoy the Friday Fun Facts. I look forward to them every week. Anyway, I saw this yesterday on a blog I follow unrelated to anything Outlander but thought it was amazing and wanted to share. (and it's about Scotland after all)

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