An article about the TV Gaelic!

Here's something a bit different: an article about the OUTLANDER TV series, from the Scottish newspaper, The Scotsman, written in Gaelic!

This was posted on Twitter yesterday by Àdhamh Ó Broin, whom you may know as the Gaelic expert on the "How to Speak OUTLANDER" videos. <g> (If you haven't seen the videos, look here.) Click on the photo for a bigger view.

I was fascinated to see this, even though I only know a tiny handful of words in Gaelic. If anyone out there can read this, I'd be very interested to know what it says!


Unknown said...

Star Trek is still Star Trek, I see, and YouTube stays YouTube. :) Interesting spelling of Fraser (or what I assume is Fraser): Friseal?

Catherine MacGregor said...

Moran taing!!! I am so happy to see this!!! (Tha mi toilichte!!!) I start a new job tomorrow and will give you a summary in a day or so when I can concentrate om it -- I'll be doing lesson plans well into the night. Oidche mhath, a gradh!

Cousin Judui said...

I would be nice if Brian could translate it for us ;)

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