My Pocket Jamie is here!

My Pocket Jamie (a gift from STARZ) arrived this afternoon! <g>

Here he is, keeping watch over my OUTLANDER book collection.

You could tell from the books whether a library was meant for show or not. Books that were used had an open, interested feel to them, even if closed and neatly lined up on a shelf in strict order with their fellows. You felt as though the book took as much interest in you as you did in it and was willing to help when you reached for it.

(From THE SCOTTISH PRISONER by Diana Gabaldon, chapter 19, "Quagmire". Copyright© 2011 by Diana Gabaldon. All rights reserved.)

Jamie was right about that. By those standards, my OUTLANDER hardcovers are very much interested in me <vbg>, and always willing to help!


Unknown said...

How can I get a pocket Jamie ?

Nenya said...

Lucky you. I hope to win one. :)

leaves on the Raney Tree said...

Could you add a larger photo of the cutout, so we can see the details. Way cool.

Ladly Linda said...

Please oh please, Karen. Tell us how to get one!Linda

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