Jamie in my living room!

Jamie Fraser cardboard cutout

Look what I brought home with me today from the OUTLANDER event at Barnes & Noble!

We had a very small group at our local B&N, but I was happy enough with it. I won the near-life-size Jamie in the raffle, and my mom won a copy of the OUTLANDER soundtrack, which I haven't yet listened to.

Most of the group at our location were very new to the books, but it was fun to talk to other local fans. They made sure all the attendees in our group went home with something of value -- the updated OUTLANDISH COMPANION Volume 1, the DVD of the first half of Season 1, the promotional poster from the second half of Season 1, even a copy of the OUTLANDER audio CDs.

I'm glad this Jamie is not actually full-size, by the way, otherwise he'd be well over a foot taller than I am! <g> He's plenty big enough, though, well over five feet tall, and he looks very striking standing there in my living room!

Thanks, B&N!


Anne said...

This is so fun!

Jill said...

Lucky! I thought about asking if I could take the one at our B&N but I didn't. Should have.

I too won at our B&N. I got the updated Companion, the DVDs, and the poster from the second half of the season. I already have the BluRays so I'm thinking of giving them away on the Outlander Watch Blog or Facebook page.

I had a blast. Our group was also rather small but we spent about 4 hours just chatting about the books and the show and other authors we like. So much fun.

Anonymous said...

HI - our group was also small; however, we shared emails and may try to meet in future. One of our party is part of Outlander UK; she has photos of herself with Sam, Catriona, et al. Great fun. Our raffle was a copy of OC1 and the DVD. We also now have Diana's curry recipe.

San Francisco

Anonymous said...

you love the soundtrack! Bear McCreary is very talented as we all know. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

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