April poll results

Here are the results of the April poll, which asked the question, "Have you tried to get other people to read the OUTLANDER books, or watch the TV series?"
  • 24.57% - Many times!
  • 23.71% - All of the above.
  • 22.13% - I got one or more of my close friends or family members addicted.
  • 6.61% - Of course! I enjoy being an OUTLANDER ambassador.
  • 6.61% - I've tried, but so far without success.
  • 4.17% - I've given copies of OUTLANDER to my friends or coworkers.
  • 3.88% - I've been spreading the word about the TV series and trying to get people to watch.
  • 2.73% - I've recommended OUTLANDER to strangers in the bookstore or library.
  • 2.30% - No, I haven't tried.
  • 1.01% - I got my book club to read OUTLANDER.
  • 0.43% - I've recommended the books on Facebook, Goodreads, or other online sites.
  • 1.87% - Other

Here are the responses for "Other":
  • All but the book club
  • Most of the above
  • I got the Fug Girls to review it
  • I have been praising Outlander on the telenovela site that I frequent for awhile
  • Many Times, Given Copies to Relatives, Spreading the word, & Ambassador
  • The books, yes- TV series, no
  • most of the above
  • Several of the above
  • I started an Outlander book club at work because I wanted someone to talk Outlan
  • Not all of the above but close!!
  • I've really tried! But no takers--their loss.
  • I spread the word on Pinterest!
  • A few, but they must prove themselves worthy! :)

There were 696 responses to this month's poll. Thanks very much to everyone who participated! Please take a moment to vote in the May poll, which is all about how you discovered the OUTLANDER books.

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Mary Tormey said...

Hi Karen, I'm the only person in my family who reads the series , am sorry to say , my mother & aunt love mysteries , my father war book and I tried to get my cousin interested , I gave her a copy of "Outlander ' when she was going to London , but had no intrest . but don't mind it , I like connecting with other fans out there through your webpage and on other ones, please post more soon. Happy Weekend. Sincerely Yours. Mary Tormey.

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