A giftie from Diana!

Diana Gabaldon sent me this lovely gift basket of dates from the Sphinx Date Co. in Scottsdale, AZ, where she lives.

Here's the inscription on the card accompanying them:

The card reads, "Dear Karen, Happy Holidays to a great nitpicker and a very good friend! Love, Diana".  Isn't that sweet of her? I'm delighted that she values our friendship as much as I do. ("Nitpicker" is a reference to the fact that I pay close attention to things like dates and character names in the books.)

The dates look yummy and I'm sure I'll enjoy them very much. <g>

Thank you, Diana!! And Merry Christmas!


April Steele said...

That's so nice, Karen! :) A good nitpicker is a valuable thing indeed! I am glad she values you as well!

Aunt Sus said...

They look yummy! What a lovely gift! Merry Christmas - and enjoy your treat! xo

Lolkate said...

I am the one who had a debate with Herself that Roger would NOT say or call Bree, hen! Unless in sarcasm or trying to joke with her etc. I was born and grew up in Scotland and got married in 1969 in Glasgow at age 22. I am the same British class system type as Roger, know Roger types and married one! So that was a big nitpick! As a Scot and retired teacher/librarian I couldn't help myself! :-)

Zouli Pious said...

You are the finder of the stuff Karen. We need you :)

Mary Tormey said...

Hi Karen , what a sweet person Diana is and what a friendship to treasure , I'd consider myself the most blessed person in the world , thanks for sharing , hope you have a wonderful Christmas this year, please post more soon. Happy Holidays . sincerely ,

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