New Season 4 trailer! (SPOILERS)

Jamie and Claire in Outlander Season 4

At long last, here's a brand-new OUTLANDER Season 4 trailer!

There are SPOILERS in this trailer if you haven't read DRUMS OF AUTUMN (Book 4 of the OUTLANDER series).

I think it looks great, very intriguing, promising plenty of action and suspense. I liked seeing Otter-Tooth's skull.

Season 4 premieres in November and I can't wait!


Mary Tormey said...

Hi Karen I liked it too and it looks to have more suspense than the book has , but that's for Tv drama so it s to be expected , I was hoping to see some of Roger and Bree , but hopefully the next one will show them , so this is very exciting and will be watching in Nov and will be re-re reading the book in Sept , so will be watching season 4 for sure, please post more soon. Happy Week. Loving Outlander, sincerely .

Anonymous said...

Great collection of Sam Heughan photos “International Man of Style” just published on Getty Images:

Susan said...

Season 4 looks to be very exciting, and I am sure that is just the tip of the iceberg considering it didn't include any scenes of Roger or Bree. I have already reread Drums of Autumn and rewatched all seasons, but to survive droughtlander,lol, I am going to reread book 4 again. Thanks, Karen for your dedication to all things Outlander and keeping us all up to date!

Judith Cochran said...

Just finished re-reading Drums of Autumn. I'm SO ready for the next season on TV. Now, getting back into The Fiery Cross. So excited for at least 2 more seasons. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Outlander. Can't thank Diana enough for her sharing her talent with the world. (BTW - just saw Sam in a first run movie "The Spy Who Dumped Me". He was great but I thought they could have come up with better things to say than dropping the "f" bomb every other sentence. Gets old.)

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