20th Anniv. Edition

Here are some of the more frequently asked questions about the 20th Anniversary Edtion of OUTLANDER. (Last updated July 3, 2011.)

1) What is the 20th Anniversary Edition?

This is a special deluxe hardcover edition of OUTLANDER, which will be published in the US and Canada on July 5, 2011.

2) What special features or extras are included?

Here is what Diana had to say about it on Compuserve:
I think the 20th-anniversary edition will be Very Cool. Let's see...in addition to the text <g>, it will include (at least at last discussion) a Letter from me (not that I think _that's_ very cool, but they asked for it), and a very luxurious back-matter section, containing a) a map of the locations in OUTLANDER (a more accurate one than the one from the COMPANION), b) a timeline of historical and fictional events, c) the bibliography from the COMPANION, d) something else I forget from the COMPANION, e) an essay by me on "The Shape of Things," which is all about how I write this stuff. Oh--and a "sampler" CD from OUTLANDER:The Musical, including three songs from the regular CD and one "bonus" song from the complete libretto that _isn't_ on the regular CD.

The whole thing to be bound not only in hardcover, but in a rather cool faux-leather binding _and_ slipcase, with a ribbon bookmarker.
3) Why isn't it available in the UK or other countries?

The 20th Anniversary Edition will be published in the US and Canada only. Sorry about that.

4) How can I get a signed copy of the 20th Anniversary Edition of OUTLANDER?

You can order autographed copies of all of Diana Gabaldon's books, including the special 20th Anniversary edition of OUTLANDER, from the Poisoned Pen bookstore, in Scottsdale, Arizona. This is Diana's local independent bookstore, and they ship all over the world. Their staff is very friendly and knowledgeable about Diana's books.
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