"I Give You My Body..." FAQ

Here are some of the frequently asked questions about Diana Gabaldon's e-book, I GIVE YOU MY BODY..., which was published on August 16, 2016. (Last updated August 16, 2016)

1) What is I GIVE YOU MY BODY...?

Diana Gabaldon is more than just an amazingly gifted novelist and a born storyteller. She was a university professor for many years, and she's never lost that desire to teach, to pass on what she knows in order to help other writers and aspiring writers.

I GIVE YOU MY BODY... is a NON-FICTION guide to writing sex scenes, including tips for writers, "dos and don'ts", and lots of examples from the OUTLANDER books!

From the description on Amazon:
In this revealing compendium, acclaimed writer Diana Gabaldon shares her invaluable lessons for creating an immersive reading experience, from evoking a mood to using the power of emotions to communicate physical intimacy. You’ll learn the difference between gratuitous sex and genuine encounters that move the story forward, and how to handle less-than-savory acts that nevertheless serve a narrative purpose. Gabaldon also notes that sex can be conveyed instead of described. With such tips as “The Rule of Three” for involving the senses, handy lists of naughty euphemisms (with instructions for use), and Gabaldon’s own examples from the Outlander novels, “I Give You My Body . . .” is a master class in writing to draw readers in and keep them riveted to the page.

I'm thrilled for fellow Compuserve forum members Silvia Giachetti and Vicki Pack, who both made important contributions to this book. Silvia's illustrations are just wonderful (you can see more of Silvia's OUTLANDER fan art here), and Vicki's comprehensive list of all the sex scenes in Diana Gabaldon's books (found in the Appendix at the end of the book) is really useful.

2) So it's mostly for writers? I'm not a writer. Why should I buy this e-book?

You don't have to be a writer or an aspiring writer to enjoy this book! If you like the sex scenes in the OUTLANDER books (and who doesn't? <g>), or if you like hearing Diana talk about her writing process, it's definitely worth reading!

3) Where can I find it?

I GIVE YOU MY BODY... is 118 pages long, and it's selling for $2.99. You can download it here:


4) I don't have a Kindle or other e-reader. Will it be available in print form?

I GIVE YOU MY BODY... is currently available only in e-book form, not as a printed book. If you don't have a Kindle, Nook, tablet, or smartphone, you can download an e-book viewer for your desktop computer.

When someone asked on Compuserve if a print version would be published eventually, Diana said, "Yes, probably, but I don't know when."

5) Where can I find excerpts from this e-book?

Diana posted an excerpt from this e-book on Facebook earlier this year. Here's her "annotated" version of the infamous windowsill scene in THE FIERY CROSS, from chapter 107, "Zugunruhe".

6) Will there be an audio version?

I don't know if there are plans to produce an audio version of I GIVE YOU MY BODY... If I find out anything definite, I will update this page.

7) I live outside the US/Canada. How can I get a copy of this e-book?

I GIVE YOU MY BODY... is available in the UK. I have no information about availability in other countries.

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