Diana's daughter is getting married!

As some of you may know, Diana Gabaldon's younger daughter, Jennifer, is getting married in Scotland in mid-August. <g>  (Her fiance, Iain, is Scottish, and that's pretty much all I know about him.)

I just wanted to express my congratulations to Jenny and Iain, and also to Diana, her husband Doug, and the rest of their family.

I hope they have a wonderful wedding, and a long and happy life together! <g>

Diana has said that she will try to post wedding photos -- but only IF her daughter agrees!  In the meantime, you can see a photo of Jennifer and Iain here.

If you want to send your congratulations to Diana, you can post in the thread on Compuserve here.

Oh, and in case you're wondering, although "Jenny and Iain" may sound like a match inspired by OUTLANDER, as far as I know, none of Diana's kids have actually read her books.  The similarity in names is just a coincidence. <g>


Pat said...

They really haven't read the books? Surprised! PS they are both gorgeous ...

Karen Henry said...

Well, Diana has mentioned that one of her daughters once made a comment about not wanting to read sex scenes written by her mother! <g> Which is very understandable, especially when you consider that many of those sex scenes feature a certain red-heided man who looks suspiciously like their father from the neck down!


Christiane said...

Hello Karen!What a beautiful couple!A few days ago I posted my best wishes for Diana's daughter and her fiance on her FB page.It'll be a traditional Scottish wedding I reckon, so romantic..(saw the video of a friend's daughter wedding last year in Edinburgh, beautiful!).It'd be nice if we can see 1or2 photos of the wedding later..Be well Karen, greetings.

Faith_Create! said...

Karen, you should've extended your Scotland trip to include this wedding! Lovely couple!

Moray said...

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