Friday, March 16, 2018

Season 4 Casting: Tim Downie as Governor Tryon

More OUTLANDER Season 4 casting news: Sam Heughan's friend Tim Downie has been cast as Governor William Tryon!

Please note the spelling: it's T-R-Y-O-N.  I've seen many people on social media spelling his name as "Tyron" since the news broke yesterday, but that is incorrect.

William Tryon was a real historical figure, who served as governor of the Colony of North Carolina from 1765-1771.  The governor's official residence, located in New Bern, NC, is known today as Tryon Palace. (It's worth a visit if you're in the area.)  You can read more about Governor Tryon here.

Welcome, Tim! You can follow Tim Downie on Twitter at @TimDownie1.

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Diana Gabaldon's 30th writing anniversary

Today marks 30 years since Diana Gabaldon began writing, "for practice", the novel that would become OUTLANDER. She started writing on March 6, 1988.

Congratulations, Diana!! And we wish you many more happy, productive, and successful years of writing! Thank you so much for creating this amazing story.  It really has changed my life, in so many ways.

Here's Diana's story of How It All Began, originally posted on the Compuserve Books and Writers Community (now on the occasion of her 22nd "writing anniversary", in March 2010.  I think you'll find it interesting, particularly those of you who've discovered OUTLANDER in the last several years and may not have heard the full story before.

Monday, March 5, 2018

How do Jamie and Claire pronounce "Brianna"?

Thanks to Diana Gabaldon for this little video demonstrating how Brianna's parents would pronounce her name. I liked that very much.

I have never been sure if Claire said it "Bree-AHH-na" or "Bree-ANN-a". Good to have a Definitive Answer on that. <g> And although I did know how Jamie said "BREE-uh-na", I'd forgotten that the sound of that first syllable changes in Gaidhlig depending on whether he's addressing her directly.

Very interesting! It reminded me somewhat of the "How to Speak OUTLANDER" videos that they did in Season 1.

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Do you read excerpts and #DailyLines, or not?

Do you read excerpts or #DailyLines from Diana Gabaldon's upcoming books or stories, or not?  And if not, why not?

I am a longtime excerpt-avoider, since 2008.  But I used to devour snippets as eagerly as many of you do now for Book 9.  I think it's fascinating that there's such a wide variety of responses to this particular question, and that some people change their opinions over time.

This question is the topic of the March poll on Outlandish Observations.  I thought it would be interesting to see what you think.

Are you an excerpt-devourer, a #DailyLine addict, a diehard spoiler-avoider, or do you fall somewhere in between?  And if you used to read excerpts but you don't anymore, what made you decide to stop?

Please take a moment to vote, and then come back and leave a comment here or on my Outlandish Observations Facebook page. Thanks!

February poll results

Here are the results of the February poll, which asked the question, "What is your favorite episode of OUTLANDER Season 3?"

There were 645 responses to this month's poll. Thanks very much to everyone who participated!
  • 45.27% - EP306: A. Malcolm
  • 21.4% - EP304: Of Lost Things
  • 6.82% - EP308: First Wife
  • 5.58% - EP313: Eye of the Storm
  • 4.34% - EP305: Freedom & Whisky
  • 4.19% - EP301: The Battle Joined
  • 2.02% - EP303: All Debts Paid
  • 2.02% - EP311: Uncharted
  • 1.4% - EP310: Heaven and Earth
  • 1.09% - EP312: The Bakra
  • 0.31% - EP309: The Doldrums
  • 0.16% - EP302: Surrender
  • 0% - EP307: Crème de Menthe
  • 3.57% - I haven't watched OUTLANDER Season 3.
  • 1.86% - Other
Here are the responses for "Other":
  • all of the avove
  • I can't make up my mind because I love them ALL.
  • All
  • loved them all
  • The first three were amazing-but love A. Malcolm.
  • All of them
  • It's a great season! I have many favorite episodes
  • love them all
  • None.
  • All of them. I loved the entire season.
  • I can't remember the episodes by title, but I am loving the show.
  • Loved them all!

I didn't vote in this poll, but my favorites from Season 3 are "A. Malcolm", "Of Lost Things", and "Uncharted".  I enjoyed quite a few of the others, too!

Please take a moment to vote in the March poll, which asks the question, "Do you read excerpts or #DailyLines from Diana Gabaldon's upcoming books or stories?"