How do Jamie and Claire pronounce "Brianna"?

Thanks to Diana Gabaldon for this little video demonstrating how Brianna's parents would pronounce her name. I liked that very much.

I have never been sure if Claire said it "Bree-AHH-na" or "Bree-ANN-a". Good to have a Definitive Answer on that. <g> And although I did know how Jamie said "BREE-uh-na", I'd forgotten that the sound of that first syllable changes in Gaidhlig depending on whether he's addressing her directly.

Very interesting! It reminded me somewhat of the "How to Speak OUTLANDER" videos that they did in Season 1.

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Mary Tormey said...

Hi Karen Jamie calls her Breeana and Claire calls her "Bree' or "Brianna ' can't wait to see more of her and Roger in season 4 this year and in Book #9. please post more soon . Happy Week. Sincerely.

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