Poll results

Here are the results of the March poll:

Do you listen to the OUTLANDER audiobooks?

  • No, I would rather read the books than listen to them. (25.2%)
  • I have them loaded onto an iPod or similar device so that I can listen wherever I happen to be. (18.4%)
  • I own the whole set, and listen to them regularly. (17.5%)
  • I own one or more of the unabridged audiobooks, on CD or downloaded from audible.com or elsewhere. (14.6%)
  • I've listened to one or more of them, but I don't own any of them myself. (11.7%)
  • What are the OUTLANDER audiobooks, and where can I get them? (9.7%)
  • I have listened to all of them except for FIERY CROSS, which isn't available for purchase where I live. (2.9%)

I didn't really have any preconceived notions of how this poll would come out. I asked because I'm thoroughly addicted to the audiobooks myself (listening to OUTLANDER at the moment), and I wanted to see how many other addicts there were out there. So, thanks very much to everybody who participated!

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Lara Lutrick said...

Just found your blog, so didn't vote on your poll, but gotta add that I have listened to them all on audiobooks. I love Davina Porter's narration and have even searched out her other recordings.

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