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Check out the June 2009 issue of Scottish Memories magazine, which features the second in a series of interviews with Diana Gabaldon. Topics include:
  • how the books have influenced Scottish tourism, including a look at several of the "Outlander Tours" currently available (look here for more information)
  • Diana's description of what it's like to visit Culloden
  • Some discussion of the possible OUTLANDER movie (though I don't think there is any new information there)
The first article in the series, titled "The Outlander Lady", is available here.

I thought it was a terrific article and well worth reading!

UPDATE 5/23/09 5:55 am: Well, unfortunately, the people who run the site appear to have caught on to the fact that some of us were reading the full articles for free. They fixed the lack of paragraph breaks (which is good) but they have also changed the site so that only the first page of the article is now available to non-subscribers. So, if you're reading this outside of the UK, as I am, you've missed your chance to see the article. Really a shame, that.

For those of you who didn't get a chance to see the full article: if you want to see Diana's comments about the OUTLANDER movie, look here for some similar remarks she made on her blog in November 2008. And here is Diana's blog entry describing her visit to Culloden in April 2008. UPDATE 6/2/2009 7:00 pm: I should mention that I have received permission from the articles' author, Jean Brittain, to post the text of the first article here on my blog. The second part will be available here as well, toward the end of June, so please check back later.


Deniz Bevan said...

I missed the article! :-( Oh well, maybe in a while it'll be up in the archives...
On another note, can I ask you a techie question? How did you get a left hand column on your blog? I can't seem to put anything on the left hand side!
Thanks :-)

Karen Henry said...

Hi Deniz, and good to see you over here! <g>

I stole the 3-column trick from this site, which gives detailed step-by-step instructions for turning any 2-column Blogger template into a 3-column template.

Hope this helps!


another fan said...

is there anyway you can show/send the article?
Cannot subscribe to the magazine! thanks!

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