UK release date for ECHO

I saw some discussion yesterday on the LOL Books Board about the release date for the UK edition of AN ECHO IN THE BONE. Apparently it is now listed as 21 January 2010, on and elsewhere. Which is better than the previously announced date of 1 March 2010, but still seems an awfully long wait for UK fans, considering that those of us in the U.S. will have had the book for four months by the time it comes out in the UK.

Diana is out of town for the weekend, so although I did ask about this on Compuserve, I don't expect to get an answer from her before Monday at the earliest. I have no idea whether the January 21st date is accurate or not, so please don't take this as set in stone, but I thought those of you in the UK would want to know about it. (And rest assured that if I do hear something from Diana about this, I will let you know right away.)

If January 21st does indeed turn out to be the official UK release date, I think that's an interesting choice, considering the significance of that particular date in the last three books. <g> (For those of you who don't recall what I'm talking about, remember that there is a chapter in ABOSAA titled "January Twenty-First", in which a certain Highly Anticipated Event fails to occur on schedule. <g>)

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