ECHO's official page count

For those of you who have been wondering how many pages AN ECHO IN THE BONE would turn out to be in the end, Diana posted the answer on Compuserve today.
Well, there are actually two answers--depending on whether you want to count the Roman-numeral pages that are considered "front matter"--these include the Dedication, Acks, Table of Contents, and the Prologue, though, as well as the copyright page.

If you _do_ count these in the total, it's 848 pages; without them, Arabic-numbered pages only--that's 828. ....(I did _say_ it would be shorter than either FIERY CROSS or ABOSA, did I not?) I think it's probably just a bit longer than VOYAGER, but close to that size, in terms of word-count.
I realize that this answer will probably disappoint a good many of you who were hoping for a longer book, but in all honesty, Diana has been saying for a long time that this book would be shorter than the more recent ones. So we can't say we weren't warned.

And by knowing the exact number of pages ahead of time, maybe some of you can keep from flipping to the end to check the page-count and inadvertently spoiling the ending for yourselves.

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