ECHO is #1 in New Zealand!

Diana just reported on Compuserve that AN ECHO IN THE BONE has knocked Dan Brown's THE LOST SYMBOL out of the #1 spot on the best-seller list in New Zealand.

Go Kiwis! <g>

I am slowly making my way through my first re-read of ECHO. Stopped last night about sixty pages from the end. I will be very interested to see if my reaction to the events of the last few chapters changes much on the second time through. I suspect it very well might, since I was in a state of shock the first time, and there has been a TREMENDOUS amount of discussion on Compuserve about the last part of the book, which is really helping me to put those events in perspective.


Vicki said...

When I read FC for the first time, I didn't really like it. When I did my re-read, I found I actually enjoyed it more than the first time. My sister had my copy of Echo right now, but I'm looking forward to reading it again.

Julie at Outlandish Dreaming said...

The first time I read DiA, I wasn't crazy about it, but on my re-read I loved it. It helped too that I had Voyager to read right away. In the case with Echo, it's going to be very hard waiting to get this cliffhanger fixed!

Matthew Schep said...

HA. I am proud to say that I contributed to this NZ milestone! It's the first Diana Gabaldon novel I've bought new (and I own all her books bar the 3 Lord John short stories and Through the Stones (aka Outlandish Companion). Probably because I actually get money this year, yay for student allowance!

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