ECHO is out in paperback!

Today, June 22, marks the U.S. release of the trade-paperback edition of AN ECHO IN THE BONE. This is the version that Diana refers to (jokingly) as the Green Slime, because of the, um, striking color of the cover. (For the record, I still like the gold-on-black of the hardcover edition much better, but then, nobody asked me. <g>)

This trade-paperback edition includes an eight-page preview of the upcoming OUTLANDER graphic novel, THE EXILE (due out on September 21, 2010).

UPDATE 6/23/2010 7:49 am: If you want to see my detailed reaction to the EXILE preview, look here.

For more information about THE EXILE, look here.


Anonymous said...

Karen, we are all anxious to see the excerpts from Exile and looking forward to your reaction. Keep us posted soon!!

Diane in GA said...

I am off to B&N to pick up a copy! Gotta have something to look at while I'm waiting at the orthodontist's office! :-)

Anonymous said...

Picked one up today at Costco. Much as I don't care for the color, it was highly visible from a distance.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know when the mass market paperback version will be published in the US? Thanks!

Karen Henry said...

I have no idea when the mass-market (small size) paperback will be out. The mass-market edition of ABOSAA didn't come out until something like three years after the hardcover. I certainly wouldn't expect it before 2011, but I'm only guessing.


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